Experiential Therapy

Amina Re, LPCC, LMT                                                                     Santa Fe, NM

Therapy is a collaborative process between therapist and client.  Amina offers an experiential approach to support her clients in healing mind, body, and spirit. Sessions can involve:  verbal processing, mindfulness and somatic awareness practices, Inner Child work, movement, art therapy, role play, psychodrama and empty chair techniques, sand tray therapy, and dream work.

Sand Tray therapy is a hands-on creative process of using miniatures to create worlds in a box filled with sand, in order to facilitate the mind’s natural capacity for healing.




Inner Child work is a specific form of parts work that helps you heal early childhood trauma.





Empty Chair and Psychodrama help bring greater awareness and integration of parts of self to create inner harmony.





Movement therapy is a mostly non-verbal direct way to process material.  Movements can be viewed as metaphors for the ways in which one moves through the world.  By discovering new ways of movement, you can affect change in your life.

Art therapy processes subconscious and unconscious material.  It can feel safer and more direct than traditional talk therapy.  Solutions to problems can be worked out through creating imagery.

Mindfulness and Somatic Awareness practices are used to help you become more present and connected with your body.  These are trauma-informed approaches that can help you expand your capacity to feel and experience life more fully, without becoming overwhelmed with sensations or emotions.

Dreamwork involves working with dreams to help resolve inner conflict and to further the soul’s evolution.